Plagiarism Detector for Teacher Dashboard

Plagiarism Detection Tool for Teacher Dashboard

We understand that preventing plagiarism is a top priority for teachers, and we are committed to supporting them with the most efficient and effective tools available. It is why we are excited to announce the latest enhancement to our Classroom screen monitoring solutions’s Teacher dashboard: the Plagiarism Detector. This new feature works alongside our existing AI Plagiarism Detection tool, providing teachers with an additional option for detecting plagiarism in their students’ work.

The new Plagiarism Detector works like a traditional plagiarism checker that uses advanced algorithms to compare students’ work with a vast database of sources. It helps teachers to identify plagiarism quickly and accurately, thereby maintaining academic honesty in their classrooms. Apart from detecting plagiarism, teachers can use this tool to offer constructive feedback and support to students to avoid plagiarism in their future work. Additionally, this tool is speedy and precise, making it the most effective way to check for originality.

Including a plagiarism detection tool in our Teacher dashboard is a valuable addition to our platform and shows our dedication to assisting teachers in upholding academic honesty among their students. Our platform now offers both an AI-based and traditional plagiarism detector, giving educators the tools they need to encourage originality, honesty, and integrity in their students’ assignments.