Our response to the outbreak:

To help schools cope with the coronavirus outbreak, Blocksi is offering a complimentary Classroom Management System until the end of the school year.

If you’re still a Trial user - running or expired, or just using the Admin dashboard or if your area is impacted by the outbreak, fill out the form below and we’ll activate the licenses on your domain.

Within the next 15 days Blocksi Teacher dashboard will support video and audio, so that you can run your classes remotely.

Engage your Students at Home or in School.

All-in-one for 1:1 at school or remote.

Parent dashboard to manage Screen Time

Classroom Management System with audio/video

Content Filtering for Take-Home Chromebooks

Student safety - Self-harm, Threats, and Toxicity

Device management and Inventory

Cloud, Web and YouTube Filtering

Blocksi Manager: Education Everywhere is the most versatile Chromebook cloud Internet filtering and trend analysis solution on the market. Since its introduction in 2011, it has been adopted by thousands of school districts.

Chromebook laptop Chromebook

Administrator Dashboard

Our innovative Dashboard puts the full Blocksi Manager experience at your fingertips. Use it to set filtering policies, collect analytics on GSuite managed users, organizational units, Chromebooks & Chrome client or recover stolen or lost chromebooks


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Teacher Dashboard

Our exclusive classroom management system allows teachers to view every Chromebook screen in the classroom collectively or individually.

The teacher dashboard can also be used to share a URL with every student as well as deny access to a specific or all online resources, which eliminates the need to put student Chromebooks in kiosk mode during exams.

Teacher dashboard
Parent dashboard

Parent Dashboard

When Chromebooks are off campus, parents can take an active role in making their children 21st century digital citizens by setting time access controls on Chromebook for streaming content, Youtube, gaming, social networking and more.

This dashboard allows parents to take an active role in monitoring their child's school Chromebook and in enforcing bedtime.


Trends powered by A.I

AI-powered tool that allows school administrators, principals, and deleguates to detect harmful behaviour on any student’s Gsuite Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Youtube account. Learn about Trends

Desktop analytics screen
Laptop analytics screen
Mobile Web filters screen
Desktop time control screen
Laptop Blocksi manager screen


Robert Dellington
Technical Coordinator, California

We are a 1:1 school district in south California and we were looking at doing content filtering on Chromebooks when these were brought home. Blocksi Manager is the perfect fit as it is fully cloud based, supports G Suite For Education and does not rely on any hardware at all to filter efficiently and very granularly Chromebooks wherever they are !! great job, great Software, great value !

Christopher Stefanski
Director of Technology, Nevada

Simple to use, yet very efficient and really addresses every needs as it comes with 3 Dashboards which is great as not only I can really now control what gets through on every Chromebook screen and on a per Google Organization unit level, but offers teachers and parents some level of control as well. Very powerful web analytics and specially Youtube insight, supports geofenced and time based filtering policies.

Monica Tristain
Director of Technology, New Jersey

Powerful pure cloud based content filtering with per user insights. Parent are not left on the side as they have as well a parent dashboard that allows them to manage screen time when the Chromebook is off campus, while I still get the privilege as an administrator, to decide which filtering policies are getting pushed out. Very granular as I can decide on a per OU basis and change policies on the fly. Allows large school districts to have multiple administrators and as such share the Blocksi Manager.

Jeff Olson
Biology Teacher

The Director of Technology trained me for 10 minutes on the teacher dashboard, and I can now not only monitor my class more efficiently but more importantly, I am able to push assessments while at the same time allowing access to only a set of internet resources. I am able to import my google classrooms into that Blocksi Dashboard and can then collect analytics and insights on my class, which helps me to fine tune my next courses and see how students understood what I taught them. I would say that 1:1 would not be as successful in our district without such classroom management system.


Apply Blocksi Filtering to any device.