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Blocksi Manager empowers 21st century teachers with a simple and efficient Classroom Management System for Chromebooks. It gives them the ability, just by glancing to the Blocksi dashboard, to see what is going on on every Chromebook at any point of time during the class, and to collect analytics to improve their pedagogy and develop their curriculum.

Dynamic Web and Youtube category based filtering allows teachers to enforce focus driven class, so that only the meaningful and relevant internet content is made available to the students.

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Monitor and View every student's Chromebook screen in the class

Monitor screens in class

Enforce and manage internet content on every Chromebook

Enforce and manage Chromebook pages

Proactively and automatically filter the internet in your class

Block all internet sites by category instead of building endless black/white lists. Make exceptions to administrators filtering policies. Take assessment on students’ Chromebook by denying access to irrelevant pages or whole internet content.

Filter by category

Collect real time analytics on each class to develop pedagogy and curriculum

Real time analytics

Google Classroom and Clever compliant.

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Teacher dashboard FAQ

Can I see all the screens at the same time while students are browsing?

The Teacher dashboard shows you a collection of thumbnails of every student's screen in your classroom, near real time.

Can I see all the open tabs of every Chrome browser in my class?

The Teacher dashboard allows to see every open tab and close the ones deemed irrelevant.

Does the Teacher dashboard filter the internet automatically?

The Teacher dashboard enforces an internet and Youtube filtering policy set by the administrator, to which teachers can make exceptions, or teachers can set their own filtering policy as well.

Can I import my classes from Google Classroom?

The Teacher dashboard allows you to import your classes from Google classroom and as well add students to the class based on their Google ID.

Does it pose any limitation in terms of Chrome extension that the student can use?

Blocksi Manager is fully embedded as an extension in Google Chrome and uses Chrome as a native browser.

Can I get analytics and insight of the sites visited during my class?

The Teacher dashboard allows you to collect analytics of which Web category your student visited, which Youtube videos were watched and which sites they went to during your class.

Free 30 day trial

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