Heading Back To School With Chromebooks

It’s Time For A New School Year With Google Chromebooks

Over the summer education gaming company Kahoot released a report based on information obtained from their platform with over 50 million users. While everyone loves to hear about shiny new iPads and Macbooks, the Chromebook revolution is finally amongst us.  Forward thinking educators saw the opportunity in 2013 for Google’s Chromebook computers. While the internet giant may have hoped that Chromebooks would find their way to college student backpacks, they found their way to another group of students, much more influential students, elementary, middle and high school students.

There aren’t enough bells and whistles within the Chromebook framework to keep a millennial or post-millennial student occupied very long. Regardless of how much memory is actually built in, most  college students are looking for 500gb or more.

When you couple the Google Chromebook with the ever-expanding Google Classroom ecosystem you have a match made in heaven. While Google Classroom is being used across all kinds of devices, it’s optimized for Chromebook. That means students have zippy access to the files they need and the information teachers from pre-k to 12th grade are trying to teach.

Fully functioning Google Chromebooks start at just $149.99 and on a good sale day you can pick one up from ASUS for under $100. That makes it the best possible entry level device for those entering into the connected classroom.

Google Docs make it easy for students to keep up with word processing, presentations, spreadsheets and even notes. The Google Docs platform has a corresponding app for everything Microsoft has in it’s Office suite and it’s free. Add to that the built in back up cloud storage students have access to the files they need anywhere they go and on any device they want to use.

Here at Blocksi we make the connected classroom safer with integrated filtering solutions and even early warning detection that can spot keywords related to cyber bullying, depression, thoughts of suicide or even if students are just having a hard time emotionally. We support teachers, administrators and parents by allowing students who take home Chromebooks to have the same piece of mind that they do within the four walls of the school. Want to know more, just click here.