Blocksi Trends for GSuite Managed Chromebooks to prevent Cyberbullying, violence, profanity and other innapropriate misbehaviors in your school district

Palo Alto, May 19th 2017,

Blocksi Manager Education Everywhere for GSuite managed Chromebooks, introduces Insight’s Trends: an analytic tool  that allows school  administrators, principals, and deleguates to detect on any  student’s  Gsuite  Gmail, Google docs, Google Drive and  Youtube account , any activity related to  cyberbullying, profanity/swearing, signs of depression/anxiety/low self-esteem, signs of self-harm/suicidal thoughts, violence, alcohol/drug-related content, sextortion, risky new contact, phishing, off-hours usage, nudity, mild sexual content, explicit sexual content, inappropriate behavior/content, hate speech, grooming, fake profile, disclosure of personal information, affiliation with dangerous organizations, change in account activity, 3rd-party abusive content.


Trends is already an available option for any Blocksi Manager Education Everywere customer. Contact Blocksi support to learn more on how to activate Trends on your Administrator Dashboard.