For students, the internet represents a vast library of knowledge and the ultimate source of information. While the web is full of valuable and informative content and exposes students to a wealth of opportunities, it can be dangerous to use.

Some of the negative effects of internet usage include cyberbullying, inappropriate content such as pornography, and online threats. This is the reason schools and school districts should prioritize student online safety during the digital learning process.

The good news is that with the right education and appropriate action on behalf of school principals, teachers, and tech admins, students can be protected from such digital toxicity.

Appearance of cloud technology in our educational system

As technology has evolved, so has the teaching process. Teachers today widely use intelligent cloud-based e-learning platforms.

One of the biggest benefits of cloud technology is that it can help schools protect children from online threats, cyberbullying, and other dangers that may emerge due to today’s digital world. Furthermore, cloud technology in the educational system can also transform online education for the better.

Protecting students from digital threats and cyberbullying with the power of cloud technology

School principals and tech admins are responsible to keep up with technology and adapt to the modern digital era in order to ensure the best possible online student safety.

Chuck Austin, the head of Customer Relations in Emerging Technology for the Kentucky Department of Education, speaks about cloud for remote education: “With the transition to remote learning, we have a responsibility to provide schools with the most advanced tools available to keep students safe”. [3]

Things your school should have include the following:

  • screen monitoring to get insight into your students work,
  • content filtering on students’ screens to block inappropriate websites,
  • safety system to detect and prevent harmful online behavior when it starts.

Today exists a smart cloud-based technology that combines all of the above features. One of them is called Blocksi. Blocksi is a cloud-based product for school environments that provides classroom management, cloud-based content filtering, and student safety all in a unified solution.

Monitor your students’ screens and control what they see and do online

Blocksi enables teachers to monitor their online activity and view every student’s screen. With Blocksi’s teacher dashboard, you can also collect analytics on every school-owned device.

Proactively filter the internet and limit or deny access to inappropriate content

With the power of Blocksi, you can proactively and automatically filter the content on the internet and block or limit inappropriate websites. Additionally, Blocksi allows you to manage web filters by category and filter YouTube by content type.

Detect harmful online behavior with automated AI alarms combined with 24/7 human reviews

Blocksi combines AI, machine learning, and 24/7 observation to prevent online threats, cyberbullying, self-harm, and exposure to abusive, violent, and other inappropriate content detected through the cloud on student devices.

The rapid shift to e-learning has brought many positive aspects such as wide access to information, but on the flip side, the internet is full of inappropriate content that might negatively affect students who learn online.

It’s time to embrace the incredible potential of cloud technology, which can help you ensure student online safety at your school and school district.


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