Effective classroom management is a crucial element of students’ success; however, many teachers struggle to prepare and monitor their online class sessions. Keeping their students engaged and focused during the lessons is another big challenge.

Every teacher’s ultimate goal is to create a learning environment in which students are comfortable, engaged, fully focused, and able to communicate easily. Appropriate classroom management creates opportunities for meaningful academic learning and fosters social and emotional growth.

Whether you’re an experienced teacher or brand new to online teaching, we’ve got great tips to help you manage your online classroom sessions more efficiently.


Some teachers forget that class starts with their presence. With that in mind, you must be aware of how you speak and behave. You are a role model for your students. Consider how you want them to see you by answering these questions:

  • How do you appear to your students in class?
  • Are you energetic or lethargic?
  • What tone are you using?
  • Are you enthusiastic and passionate about the topics you are teaching?

Nonverbal communication is often overlooked. Make sure to use body movements to your advantage, because it is one of the essential keys to classroom management success. Be sure to smile, nod, and use kind gestures.


One of the most challenging parts of being a teacher can be keeping your students focused during classroom sessions. As a teacher, you need to create a learning-focused environment that prevents off-task behavior by reducing distractions.

Here at Blocksi, we are aware that some students have trouble paying attention during class. That is why we have created a Teacher Dashboard for seamless and more focused classroom management. We specialize in keeping students on task during your online course. Within the Teacher Dashboard, you have access to advanced functions to help maximize efficient classroom management. Some of the top functions Blocksi provides include advanced screen monitoring and enforcing and managing internet content. One of the key features of internet content management is our dynamic Web and YouTube category-based filtering which allows teachers to enforce a focus-driven class so that meaningful and relevant content is made available to the students.



To keep your students motivated in your classroom, you need to encourage their desire to learn. As previously mentioned, you can do this through nonverbal communication, such as body language. Positive verbal communication, such as encouraging words, can also motivate your students. Try regularly asking them questions similar to these:

  • Do you need help with this assignment?
  • What are you expecting to learn in this class?
  • How can I help you achieve your desired grades?

These questions can help your students improve by showing them that you care about them and their education.

Additionally, encourage all students to participate in class discussions and interactions. Make sure to call on students who do not commonly participate, not just those who respond most frequently.


You need to occasionally stop, take a second, and assess what is happening during the class. Frequently ask your students if they understand the material. Formative assessments give teachers vital information for planning future courses; furthermore, it keeps students alert.

You also need to monitor their progress while they are working on their tasks and completing assignments. Blocksi provides an advanced classroom monitoring system that provides you with the ability, just by glancing at the Blocksi dashboard, to see what is happening on every device at any time during the class and to collect analytics to improve pedagogy and develop your curriculum.


Setting clear expectations and consequences for breaking class procedures is essential for successful classroom management. Be clear when providing the instructions by answering all the possible questions that might appear, such as:

  • What kind of format can they choose – handwritten or typed?
  • What is the due date?
  • How long does the assignment have to be and how many words should it contain?

Besides providing clear instructions, you must set clear expectations from the start and keep these expectations consistent throughout your class. This will ensure that you and your students are on the same page, making it easier for you to manage them effectively.

When it comes to managing an online classroom, the first thing you need to do is set up some rules for your students. Here’s a list of some examples:

  • Set a direction on how your student could ask for help when needed.
  • Let them know how they can contact you in case of emergency.
  • Decide if they are allowed to go to the bathroom between classroom sessions.
  • Explain what the policies are regarding plagiarism, etc.

Your goal should be to grow mutual respect with your students and you can achieve this by setting and sticking to the rules you set. Most importantly, be aware that you, as a teacher, should also respect those classroom rules. For example, if you place a rule that you do not tolerate late appearance, you should always arrive on time for class.


Humor doesn’t hurt. It is an excellent strategy to keep your students more engaged. It can effectively bring down a tense situation or make people laugh when things get serious during class discussions; however, it should be used only when appropriate and never at the expense of others or in a disrespectful manner. 

Also, work on building an authentic relationship with your students. Ask about their experiences regarding academic life and share your experiences with them. You could tell them a little about yourself and occasionally share something from your life to which they can relate.


An important part of classroom management essentials is class routines. Using routine in your class ensures that you don’t have to repeatedly explain what rules students need to follow during every lesson. Consider incorporating routines into your teaching process to create a safe, reliable, and productive space for your students to learn.

With Blocksi Teacher Dashboard, you can set a “good morning” routine and send your students a small, “Hello, I wish you a lovely morning,” inspirational message every time you have a morning class with them. Blocksi provides messaging between you and your students and includes a “raise your hand” feature. Blocksi chat is between a teacher and a student or a group of students; students cannot message each other.


Setting the right classroom environment is crucial. Classroom management is considered one of the most challenging issues teachers face. This article explains some of the classroom management essentials you need to incorporate and understand to successfully navigate your class.


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